♛ Testos ♛

What are Testos?

Testos are a digital handmade designed art. Our collection has 6000 Testos and very special capabilities.
We have the Idea to bring a very powerful NFT collection to the Space and learn and earn together. We stand for a motivating collection, which will help everyone on their own path not only in the NFT Space.
We are a great and experienced team and we have people who have been with the NFT scene since the beginning. We will grow together and be a collection that can sharpen your mindset and strategy as long as you are open and willing to change.

What does the ♛ mean?

A crown is a symbol of power. Our crown should show that the real power lies behind the one who wears it. In each of our lives we wear our own crown, each crown is for itself. If you ever fall, get stuck, or are about to give up, remember, in the end, you'll have to adjust your crown yourself.

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When is the Mint?
The Mint date is going to be the 7th of August at 7:00pm UCT.

When will we reveal?
As soon as we sold out.

Where will we mint?
Mint will be on a external URL which we are going to announce.

What is our supply?
We have a Supply of 6000 unique Items.

How much is the mint?
Mint will be 0.2 eth.

Why don't we have a whitelist?
We don't have a WL, cause we think it makes people lazy and chilled. There will never be a safe spot to the top.

Keep going King.